Startup PR.

Startups make an instant impact with PR

PR is a very effective marketing tactic for startups. It helps them make a big impact quickly and cost effectively. Perhaps more so than for any other type of client, the traditional PR value equation holds true.


Whatever the stage of your business and long term aims, a good PR campaign will open doors and create opportunities.

We can help you with either a one of launch campaign to give you instant visibility or an ongoing startup pr campaign so your business steadily builds credibility and a strong brand profile. Whichever route you take, they both lead to the same outcome – opportunities.

Service 1 – Launch PR for startups: Includes strategy development & planning, product review placements, write ups & news, feature articles & expert comment, Q&As and interviews plus guest articles with inbound links from top ranking media to boost your SEO.

Service 2: – Ongoing PR for startups: A longer term PR campaign to generate a consistent level of press coverage and visibility each month. This will boost SEO and support your social media strategy. Each month the priorities and focus for developing the story ideas and articles, blogs, award entries, case studies you need to support your business are agreed. As well as placing the content we help you develop, we’ll also look for other editorial opportunities.

Open doors and create business opportunities

Giving instant credibility to your new B2B venture

“A pleasure to work with, Lesley quickly understood our business and already become an important part of our marketing strategy – someone you can depend on to work fast and efficiently.”

- Gavin Mullins, CEO at Eooro

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