Content Marketing

“Knows exactly how to develop a strong story angle, very creative and helping us to broaden our use of social media to reach new audiences.”

Melissa Collins, Marketing Manager, Indigo Software

A recent analysis for one of our clients highlighted that over 80% of their organic website traffic was being generated by their blogs. Having fresh, interesting and relevant content ensures they are on the first page of the search results for key terms and always getting lots of inbound visitors. Getting traffic to your website in a cost effective way is the first step to driving your inbound marketing and ensuring sales conversions.

We can help you to create the high quality content you need to be ranked well in Google and support your search marketing strategy. We often work in partnership with a number of SEO and PPC specialists to complement the work they do and get results or we can work with your in-house team.

Even better, our PR background means we don’t just stop there. We review every piece of content we create to identify how it can be further utilised and add more value. This includes placing pieces as guest blogs and opinion pieces in key publications on your behalf, using them for feature contributions and ensuring that when articles are published, they include a valuable backlink acknowledging you as the author.

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