Technical Copywriting.

Taking complex topics and creating an engaging, relatable narrative

Technical copywriting is a highly specialised form of business copywriting and requires a strong technical expertise, combined with excellent writing ability to be effective.

It’s difficult to persuade and educate an audience whilst communicating highly complex subject matter clearly, without resorting to incomprehensible jargon.

We are experts in doing this. We can take the driest, most technical topics and identify an engaging way to tell your story and communicate key benefits clearly and concisely.

Services include:

  • By-lined article writing (and media placement)
  • Technical copy for websites
  • User manuals, product sheets, sales brochures
  • Case studies and technical blogs

High quality & cost effective technical content

Communicate a technical message and value proposition.

“We've been working with Lesley for around 12 months now and she has made a significant difference to our business. She is proactive, innovative and a finisher. I would highly recommend her.”

- Simon Burras, MD of Applied Industrial Systems

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