Industrial PR.

Experts at quickly understanding your niche market

If you’re selling an industrial product or technical service, you will be keenly aware of the many PR agencies and copywriters out there that just don’t ‘get it’. They can’t do an effective job of communicating what you offer because they don’t have the right level of technical understanding.

We offer a rare combination of being good at creative PR and having that in-depth technical understanding. Our many years of experience working in different sectors means were up to date with all the industry issues facing your customers. We’ll get up to speed very quickly and become an indispensable part of your marketing team before you know it. And as our many case studies highlight, we know exactly which journalists to target with a story and achieve rapid results.

Whether you’re selling software, hardware, engineering products or a technical service, we can connect you to the right influencers. Just take a look at our case studies for evidence that our approach works.

Business savvy & creative technical PR that delivers leads

Selling an industrial product or technical service?

“We have been working with Lesley for around 12 months now and she has made a significant difference to our business. She is proactive, innovative and a finisher. I would highly recommend her.”

- Simon Burras, MD of Applied Industrial Systems

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