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Give your SEO a boost with digital & online PR 

I am a UK based B2B digital & online pr consultant and work with a range of clients on an ongoing basis, providing the same pr consulting services offered by larger pr companies, but with an important difference.

My many years experience as an internet marketing consultant and business professional means I am highly effective, get excellent results and quickly become a valued extension of each client’s team.

I focus on B2B industries and typically work with my clients on a small retainer to ensure they always have the support of a highly experienced specialist to hand. The services I offer also include industrial pr and financial pr, both industries where I have excellent sector knowledge and press contacts.

Sound good?  It is. The results I consistently get for my clients speak for themselves.


“If I Google myself I see over 3 pages of articles on tax and financial topics, all written and placed by Lesley Muir and clearly demonstrating the impact of her work for RJP.” 

Lesley Stalker, Head of Tax at RJP LLP

Case Study: Financial PR

30+ articles published highlighting ACAMS annual conference and key events across Europe plus brand positioning using thought leadership.

Read the financial financial pr case study and see examples of coverage generated on their media page.


Case Study: Startup PR launch

Over 20 pieces of online coverage generated for the launch including nationals, business & management press plus a very important product review.

Read the startup pr case study and see examples of coverage generated on their media page.



“I’m having a meeting on Monday with a main board director of a large IT company that reached out to us as a result of one of her online pr activities – that’s real ROI, right there!”

Start up CEO and client

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