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Client Feedback

“At the start of this project I was 80% sold on the idea of PR but am now sure of the benefits. We’ve got a great ‘in the press’ section on our website which gives us credibility when customers check us out, SEO rankings have improved thanks to all the new backlinks and website visits are definitely up.”

Matt Turner

CEO at Clownfish Events


Clownfish creates mind-blowing events. After a birthday re-brand, change in market positioning and new website, they wanted a pilot SEO PR project. This would explore whether PR would be a worthwhile investment.

Our objective was to generate publicity and share the Clownfish story, increase web traffic with high quality backlinks, boost brand profile and reputation.

We designed an SEO PR campaign with three main elements: article placement using a topical ‘office summer party’ theme; CEO profiling and promoting events produced by Clownfish as trade press case studies. We also recommended consumer research to provide material for future PR.


6 CEO profiles plus articles and case studies in key event trade publications.

99% of coverage included a backlink, giving search rankings a big boost.

Clownfish have created a dedicated ‘Press’ page featuring all the coverage and we’re now retained as their PR agency.

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