Avoid GIVE-ing your audience the ‘so what’ feeling

I like to attend local seminars when I can, to connect with business owners and learn more about the issues they are facing. This week, I went to an excellent one given by John Sweeny, an entrepreneur and business growth expert from Business Doctors. His presentation explored the question “How well would your business do in the Dragon’s Den?” Going through all the common traps business owners get into, he illustrated the necessity for entrepreneurs to devote time to working on their business as opposed to in it, if they want to develop a viable growth strategy. It is a common scenario and has an immediate impact on PR campaign planning. […]

How to develop a messaging framework – with FREE resource

An interesting storytelling project I am working on currently involves a very innovative start up company that has invented a completely new way of managing power on a yacht. In essence the brief is very simple, but the solution requires a great deal of thought. When the company founders talk about what they offer, people tend to scratch their heads and walk away confused. So they want me to help them to communicate their brand value proposition in a way that’s easy to understand and instantly appealing to their target audience. What’s common in these situations is for the inventors, who are invariably very technical, to think in abstract technical terms when describing their product. The message then becomes very impersonal and rather dull. Yet the reality of what they do couldn’t be further from that perception. They’re actually in the business of fun making, because they allow boat owners to take their lives with them onboard, giving them access to all the comforts you expect to have on land when at sea? This needs to come across in their brand messaging and content. […]

How to develop an effective digital marketing strategy – for accountancy firms 

This is a copy of my recent article ‘A giant leap’, outlining some of the key considerations for accountancy firms wishing to embark on or improve their digital marketing. It was originally published in Taxation magazine and if you have a subscription, you can read the original here. For those who don’t you can enjoy it in full below. […]

3 ways to increase the persuasive impact of marketing copy

I went to a couple of the DMA’s #writerscrawl events last week and one in particular made me think. It was the ‘Words are Experience’ workshop by Lab Digital on the use of NLP (neuro [...]

People say ‘Never sit on the fence’ but if you’re in B2B PR you have to!

I got my regular newsletter from the CIPR last week and was pleased to see that their timing was impeccable. They had published a very interesting article looking at Donald Trump’s election campaign on the [...]

Benefits of blogging

Just as a dressmaker wears the worst clothes and builders' houses are always in a state of disrepair, the same has to true of the marketing and PR industry. As a freelance PR consultant juggling [...]