b2b content lifeline

So many B2B brands have an outstanding product or service, but lack the time, resources and focus to ensure the right people know about them. That’s where I come in, helping niche brands to build an interesting story that engages their audiences.

As a pure B2B specialist, I have experience of many industry sectors and can help you make connections to understand the broader relevance of your products or services. And because I cover such a diverse range of clients, I’m quick to get to grips with even the most technical briefs. Try me.



Clients can either work with me on a short-term project or on an ongoing basis, as an extension of their own team.

value driven

When you appoint me, I will agree targets & deliver measurable results based on your objectives each month.


My work comes from personal recommendations, clearly demonstrating my effectiveness and professional approach.

cost efficient

I charge a flat rate fee and my clients get sound advice, hands on support and a true professional they can always rely on.

promise to clients

People can be sceptical when it comes to appointing external support. They’re concerned about whether they will deliver value. I promise to be different and to provide you with the best results possible. You’ll be delighted with the work I do and come to think of me as an extended part of your internal team.

about me

Hi, I’m Lesley Muir and founded Good PR in 2007 to help B2B brands with outsourced PR and technical content writing services.  Companies in the industrial and technology sectors have historically found it difficult to find a B2B PR or copywriting specialist with the right technical background to understand their value proposition. That’s where I come in.

Working with me is different. I always ‘get’ what clients do and can very quickly develop the knowledge needed to create a compelling story that your audiences want to hear and engage with.

I have had a long career in B2B PR, working both agency and client side since 1994 in the technology, industrial and professional services sectors. I also spent 10 years working as a part-time lecturer at the London School of Economics, where I helped to co-develop the university’s CIPR approved MSc Corporate Communications course. I am a member of the CIPR, hold the IDM’s Digital Marketing Diploma, have an MSc in Communication Studies and a BSc in Chemistry with Business Administration.

It seems that everyone has a side hustle these days and not to be outdone, I have one too. To maintain a healthy balance I teach yoga.

You are welcome to learn more about my yoga interests and teaching.