An interesting storytelling project I am working on currently involves a very innovative start up company that has invented a completely new way of managing power on a yacht. In essence the brief is very simple, but the solution requires a great deal of thought. When the company founders talk about what they offer, people tend to scratch their heads and walk away confused. So they want me to help them to communicate their brand value proposition in a way that’s easy to understand and instantly appealing to their target audience.

What’s common in these situations is for the inventors, who are invariably very technical, to think in abstract technical terms when describing their product. The message then becomes very impersonal and rather dull. Yet the reality of what they do couldn’t be further from that perception. They’re actually in the business of fun making, because they allow boat owners to take their lives with them onboard, giving them access to all the comforts you expect to have on land when at sea? This needs to come across in their brand messaging and content.

How do I run a brand messaging workshop?

After initially meeting the client and having a free general introductory meeting, the process of teasing out a messaging framework starts with a half day workshop. During this formal session we structure a brainstorm discussion around a series of key questions. I usually tape these sessions to allow for a more spontaneous conversation and after the laborious task of transcribing what can be a 4 hour meeting, end up with very detailed notes that completely capture the essence of what was discussed.

Using a set framework, I put together a communications blueprint that the client can use every time they engage with any of their stakeholders. This outlines the brand strapline, elevator pitch, product positioning, key benefits, brand pillars, value proposition, target audience, tone of voice and evidence to back up claims made. It means they can be sure their message and content is instantly relevant and appealing to their target markets, with a clear value proposition that is always consistent. Over time, they can build a much stronger and more distinctive brand, that will resonate with their target audience.


Template for creating a brand messaging framework

Here’s an example of a brand messaging template to illustrate how the different components in the process come together. I use it all the time with my clients and simply customise it slightly depending on the complexity of the brief.

Brand messaging framework resource – Free for you to try


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